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 Posted: Sun Sep 19th, 2010 03:32 am
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I knew from the onset that building this railroad would take a while, I've been saying 5 years.  Even with an oval of track in hand, I'd say that is probably about right.  The ideal thing would be to find a way to enjoy the railroad in stages as it comes along.  Here's how I plan to do just that.  I dream up its history, then build backwards through time.   --- Reverse Chronology.   Well, sort of.

Let's say we start with a small 3ft narrow gauge industrial line.  In its day (before trucks), it thrives, grows, then declines and is finally abandoned.  Later, a segment of it is rebuilt as a Heritage Line, a working museum. (with train rides)

So, here's the plan.  Right now I'm building the "abandoned" grade.  As soon as I've completed that phase, I'll be ready to start "reconstruction" of the "museum" area (installing the oval--building the trestle).  With part of it running, time then moves forward as restoration continues (engine house--yard area).  When all this is complete, I'll hop back in time (skipping the abandoned years) to the working era,  Then, as building continues, we'll be moving further back in time.

MAYBE, just maybe, we will someday be able to move back in history to when the line worked STEAM.   (electric powered steam outline?)

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Modeling the EXPERIENCE of 2ft narrow gauge by REPLICATING the equipment.
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