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 Posted: Tue Sep 21st, 2010 06:07 am
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The grade for the oval has been completed and the oval track put back in place. (track in the future trestle area is still supported by temperary frames)

The bad news is that the wye shown in my "dream plan"(page 4) turns out to be too steep to be usable.  This wye is an essential element of that design and its absence forces a fundamental rethinking.  It's a shame.  That plan had a lot of operational potential.  I'm reexamining the space, this time with the full aid of the laser level, to see what can be built, working WITH the lay of the land.

Well, I wanted a prototypical experience.  Reminds me of Otto Mears' attempt to reach Ouray from Silverton.  His "drop back and punt" resulted in the construction of the Rio Grande Southern.  We'll see what comes of mine.

Modeling the EXPERIENCE of 2ft narrow gauge by REPLICATING the equipment.
(The greatest bane to creativity is preconception)
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