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 Posted: Tue Nov 16th, 2010 04:20 am
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Tonight I decided to take a break from my current lokie shown on this thread and begin assembling my Accucraft "Ruby" live steamer kit that I've had for awhile.

The directions that come with the kit leave much to be desired. A few grainy black & white photos would lead to some frustrating moments for anyone building this engine. Luckily I also have a ready to run "Ida" which is pretty much the same engine other than it is a saddle tank and the Ruby is a side tank. The Ida gives me a point of reference at least.

All the parts came in a boxed package consisting of three styrofoam trays holding the myriad components. Two of the trays have labels attached for each part. The third tray doesn't so I'm assuming that the Chinese manufacturer broke his label making machine. Thankfully I've got the Ida to look at for help.

Herbicide suggested I chronicle this build with photos. I'm doing that with my digital SLR but decided to take this quick photo with my camera phone to show the beginning steps.

One of the first things I noticed after assembly the frame is that the drive wheels didn't turn freely as they should do per the instructions. It became obvious that all three crossmembers holding the frame together were a hair to wide causing the frame to press outward against the drive axle bushings causing them to be in a bind. I dissasembled the frame, took out the crossmembers and gradually filed off material from the ends a little at a time. I would test fit everything as I did this until the drivers spun effortlessly. I then reassembled the frame and tightened down the bolts holding it together.

I began to work on the cylinder assembly but discovered a few parts there were going to need trimming too. I decided to call it a night instead and will mess with those items later.

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