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 Posted: Tue Nov 16th, 2010 03:24 pm
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Thanks for the comments, my friends!

Don- you asked "Can the wire be heated with gas torch or other means ?"
Yes it can, but  unless it is to turn into a two man job, much shorter pieces than the 5-6 ft hunks that I work with will have to be used. Also the heat source (if a torch) will have to be moved up and down the wire rather quickly to prevent overheating one spot. I have seen fellows that work with the wire straight from the roll heat just the end with a cigarette lighter so they can bend it to connect it to the next piece without breaking- so the answer is yes--but the electric method is more uniform and (I think) more controllable.

James- got a chuckle from "This new forum is just another Communist plot!! REDS, REDS, EVERYWHERE!!" Certainly not a Commie, but early in my machining life, on the first day the foreman asked "What name do you go by- certainly not Herbert?". I said that it didn't matter to me- and he replied (because of my hair when younger)  "well here, you're going to be Reds" Am I posting too much? :us:

Woodie- See--you learned something today also! Fat lot of good it's going to do you though. :)

Herbie  :old dude:

Fix it again, Mr Gates--it still works!"
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