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 Posted: Wed Nov 17th, 2010 03:09 pm
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Absolutely no problem about "hijacking" from me-- Your a major contributor to this thread, so far as I am concerned.

I intend to cover both wirework for pantographs, and poles--in fact on my layout most of the wire will accommodate either, although by rights the old style pantographs were seldom used on single suspension wire, and then only where very slow car movements were involved. The newer Flavely (sp?) single arm pans seem to be able to run on single suspension though--I suppose that it has to do with the amount of pressure, and/or the lighter linkage allowing better response.

Your comment about the real wire not being round, reminded me to hunt up a real "ear" used to fasten the wire to a support---

And the comment about deviations from absolutely scale are right on. I have heard that some folks are using Nickle Silver wire of a much smaller gauge, but I think that it is too soft, and if bumped, stretches--besides it has a much higher resistance--because of the material AND the smaller diameter.

So keep the comments flowing- you have provided some great links! 


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