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 Posted: Thu Nov 18th, 2010 06:15 pm
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Bill Fornshell

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Hi Herb and Woodie,

I spent a little time yesterday and sorted out all the traction articles I had saved from old model train magazines. I put the ones related to overhead wire construction in a new note binder. I also rediscovered a good article in the Model Railroader "Traction Guidebook" called "Modeling Overhead". I have had the book for awhile but used it mostly for the plans in it and never really read this article. As it turns this article was first printed in an old MR Magazine. I had the first 2 pages of maybe 3 or 4 pages of the original article. The old magazine version has a few different diagrams but I enlarged the page and lost the month and year on my copy.

I then had a look through my "stuff" and found I have all kinds of "Pole" material. It ranges from 1/8" (I am doing HO) brass brazing rods from my old Hot Rod days, 3' aluminum rods, 3' and 12' titanium rods, 6' aluminum all-thread rods, 3' dowel rods and wooden meat squerers in 7/64" and 5/32". I also found some Phosphor Bronze wire in the right size from some detail work I was doing. I even found a tube of clear "Glass Beads - 11/0 Seed Beads" that might work as insulators. I think I have enough stuff to try a "for practice" Pole.

I am going to make the first Poles out of one of the wooden items. Then I might try one of the different metal rods for a few Poles.

Note: I was writing this and did not see Herbs suggestion about using only metal for Poles.

In reading some of these old traction articles again I found I was being distracted into paying more attention to the layout and cars running on them and not on how the overhead wire was made.

To maintain my focus on learning how to build overhead wire I am going to build my first effort on an empty board. Nothing more then the track and the overhead wire relate construction necessary to make it work.

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