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 Posted: Tue Nov 30th, 2010 05:35 pm
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trains of texas made both HO and O scale stuff..on30 is o scale .

As the story goes, 3 -4 model rail roading doctors got together and formed t of t and produced various kits and wall sections which still turn up on ebay occasionally and fetchs a good price if unbroken.  All their stuff was done in U S GYPSUM hydrocal white . 

 A set of their ho/o scale very distressed brick walls went for $306.00 on ebay a few years ago and were copied by an Illinois hobby store and sold on ebay for a short time. I got copies of all 3 types of the 5" x 9" walls.

Keith Wiseman at wisemans model services and others in the kit business i have spoken too over time, tried to purchase the name t of t from the broken up docs group , but nobody could ever get them to agree to the sale, which is what broke them up in the first place, infighting ?

Laser cutting and people switching over to resin ( even the master of plaster Tom Yorke ) has made the semi fragile hydrocal a thing of the past.

thats all i know on the subject


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