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 Posted: Tue Nov 30th, 2010 08:54 pm
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Malcolm was doing great stuff that 99% of the modelling population were not and being creative in the same way that the great John Allen was also featured in the early magazines up until his death in 1972.  That is why he became popular and famous in our sphere of interest.

IF you write good articles and take quality photographs, guess what, the magazines PAY YOU real $$$$$$$$$$$ , that feed and help to cloth u.

  If you build stuff that is quality or at least appears to be in the pictures for those articles you get paid and start getting a name. Once you get that name people WANT what your producing.  They may even want to hire you to build individual or a series of structures or even construct a whole layout , if you have enough money .

 Magazines want you to do even more , because people who read their magazine have responded that they love it.  So now we got somebody who has quickly gained fame in his chosen field.  Seems like everybody and their sister wants a piece of them, & get closer to this new found god . Happened with George Sellios, John Allen, Mic Greenberg , Gary Nash, John Olson and others.

I suppose one of the reasons MODEL RAILROADER was using Furlow a lot was because the staff were writers and could not build anything worth looking at.  They also featured a lot of John Allens work.    

Model railroader has continued down a long slide to oblivion because their editorial staff were writers of storys and not modelers, big difference. Maybe thats why that same magazine is still talked about with derision because they refuse to call it the scale On30 and refer to it only as On 2 1/2 .   Somebody was even selling t shirts taunting the editor with  ****** ITS ON30 STUPID*****.    I cannot remember the last time i actually picked one up, because i had personally classified it as excrement .  The stuff they featured in the magazine was almost child like quality, like the type of stuff you see at the local hobby shows with the club module layouts.

You can attack Malcoln Furlow all you want but he did do some amazing looking stuff that was very creative and that is what really counts not somebodys personal hate of the man. 

 I believe attacking somebody is contrary to this sites stated policy , otherwise let the bitch slaps begin ?


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