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 Posted: Wed Dec 1st, 2010 12:37 pm
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I'll hyjack that answer for Herb and Woodie...

The scale is 1:35 and the guage is 2 foot (16.5mm). And yes, it does spend its life under the Texas sun and winter's chill. When storms threaten the layout gets wrapped in plastic sheeting. The layout acts just like an airplane wing during windy weather and has never blown down.

You could use your truck on the tracks since Woodie uses On30 and HO mechs as fodder for his creations.

P.S. to the previous answer:

As to the sections attached to the "trailer", that was Woodie's first motor home. He had the first sections of the layout attached to it. He now has a replacement and the layout has been moved into the yard on tripods.

And BTW, Woodie lives in a motor home parked in the backyard of the esteemed Mr. Bill Caldwell.


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