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 Posted: Tue Feb 8th, 2011 11:15 pm
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Well said, Woodie! My copy of Duane's book came yesterday and I read some of it, and had to browse through the whole thing.  It's a treasure of photos, maps and prototype information for anyone interested in narrow gauge modeling. The text is well written, in a style that makes history interesting. That Duane's book focuses on copper mining is a special bonus for me!

The photos of the steam tractors used by one mining outfit were great.  Best of all is the story of the heroic engineer who moved his train of flat cars loaded with dynamite out of town when cinders from the stack set the dynamite crates on fire.  He probably saved hundreds of lives at the cost of his own - that alone was worth the price of admission!

(I have no stake in the book other than enjoying Duane's modeling and writing.)


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