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 Posted: Sat Apr 9th, 2011 07:42 pm
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John, we want these specific odd ball locos , but they have to think " how many people are going to buy this."   I think anything they are going to invest a lot of $$$$$ in tooling to make is going to have to sell in the tens of thousands,  not hundreds.  Thats the realm of brass and the mountain model imports division.

As far as on30 goes, which is what i am interested in, ya have to say at this point and i think a lot of others would be in the same mind many more locos do i need ???  I already have 4 shays, 2 climaxes, one 2-8-0,  3 dunkirks, RGS goosie, 5 of the 2-6-0, one forney, 5 of the railtrucks, 3 porters 2-4-0 and  three 0-4-0, throw in a couple of c-16 and other than a  couple of twin head macks switchers, what do i really need ????  maybe that new 4-6-2 with sound and a 4-4-0.

Other than a heisler, not sure what i could use because not into the colorado locos.  I did buy a precision scale brass On3 GARFORD rail truck which was narrowed to On30 for me.. Guess if i want that stearns wagon top boiler wslc heisler i would have to find a brass PSC On3 one and get it narrowed.

Not sure if anybody has tried to take the 2-6-6-2 down to 2-4-4-2 configuration.  Anybody see anything written anywhere ?

How about you fellow ON30 maniacs.....what do you need in new locos and what would you WANT to see made. ????

Make some posts and lets hear your thoughts.  !!




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