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 Posted: Thu Jun 9th, 2011 09:47 pm
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I was at the Prototype Rail meet in Coco Beach back in January and noticed something interesting. There was an eight food or so long On30 switching layout with dcc control and a couple of locos idling with their sound on. The kicker was that there were no wires anywhere and there was a quarter laying on the track. Evidently there is a $40 RC receiver plug in that can be used with a dcc loco that picks up the signal from the hand controller. On this display they had an NEC dcc controller unit. For power they were using 4 3.5 volt Li Ion batteries in series to get the necessary 14v. I was told that the 800 ma unit could run for 3-5 hours and the sound drew very little current. I didn't get all of the details I should have and I am going to try and see if I can locate the guy who was there but I did get the info on the receiver. It is a Linx RXM-900-HP3. There is a data and spec sheet available at

I was told that the receiver was a straight plug in to a dcc board.

One of the locos was a B-mann Shay. He had the four batteries scattered, 2 in the cab and 2 under the frame and they were barely noticeable as they were painted engine black. He also had a tiny on/off switch on the back of the tender and a recharging jack on the end beam.

As I now understand it, this is vary similar to the Stanton System. I have started messing with RC and love the concept (it works) but I like the idea of utilizing DCC's capabilities and the opportunity of having sound.

I have read all of the posts hear and was wondering if anything further had been developed for these types of installations.

John (Quincy) Adams

John "Quincy' Adams

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