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 Posted: Thu Jun 9th, 2011 10:32 pm
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Hi John,

You could spend $30 on a radio chip from Linx Technologies, but you would still have major investment and work to do if you wanted battery powered, radio controlled locos.

I have a complete system, which you can check out by following the various Stanton threads on FreeRails.

I don't use the HP3 because it's too expensive and too big to fit smaller locos. I do use the RXM-916-ES chip from Linx, connected to conventional DCC decoders; NCE's D13SR for example. We also have connections to SoundTraxx Tsunami decoders thru collaboration with a decoder installer in California. In fact, it may be one of his installations that you saw at the On30 show.

Please follow-up with me if you have futher interest and I'll send you some info. I'll need an email address to which I can send PDF files if you want documents.

Neil Stanton
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