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 Posted: Sun Jun 12th, 2011 11:09 pm
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This from the Sn3 Yahoo group:

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"Battery power, for motor power? I want to know more about this. 5 hours?


I am not mechanically minded so I cant give you techy details. What I can tell you is that I went to the show to see the products. Mike Pfulb does installations and is a long time user of these products. The R/C board is no bigger than a Tsunami decoder and about .30 thick. He tapes them together. You still get full Tsunami sound. You get the same control as DCC and there is no more track wiring. As I stated, you can run up to 99 locos with the Stanton throttle. You can switch between locos as they are running, just as with DCC. The only thing that I could find different was that the R/C throttle uses only a two digit address where a DCC throtle can program a four digit number. Not a big deal to me, I dont have any locos with the same last two digit road numbers. I did a quick google for Stanton and came up with this link:

It will give you an idea of the size etc. Mike is quoting me a price of $200 for a throttle, R/C decoder, install and battery. I dont have that much invested in my NCE that it is a big deal for me to make the switch. I watched these guys run On30 locos using this system and it was fantastic. My buddy and I then ran some for quite awhile, and there were no glitches. These guys even paint the tops of their rails. To me, this is the future. There was another supplier, Air Wire from CVP who was going to debut a super small R/C receiver at the show but had plane troubles and could not make it. You may want to check out them also. JEff.

Seems like the spark has finally been struck from within...


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