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 Posted: Mon Jul 18th, 2011 10:49 pm
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This my first experience in R/C.

I had no real outside help, other than in UK.

They had an ESC which would just fit in the hood of the loco, built before LiPo and had no low voltage cut off.

The receiver has a max of some 3.? volts maximum feed from the battery which I chose as 7.4 volts, because of size.

Therefore I needed a constant voltage device to reduce the 7.4 to 3.? volts to the receiver, there are all the components.

Not having your experience in the LiPo slow down and not knowing that if they are completely discharged,

one can never re-charge them I poofed some $40 + on my lack on knowledge.

Live and learn.

Now, I will ask you for a link to an ESC with LiPo low voltage and built in 3.? volt outlet for the receiver.

At that time I will only have ESC, receiver and battery.

No extraneous parts.

I would like it clean and simple but did the best I could for a first timer,

at least I think so.

Ed Reutling

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