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 Posted: Fri Dec 30th, 2011 05:05 am
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I've been building a layout in my basement for the past, well, almost 5 months by now. I haven't yet posted about it here because I was still figuring a lot out. However now that I've got a lot of things nailed down (like the scale) I figured I'd post what I've been working on thus far.

Before I do however, I wanted to mention a huge thanks to all of those of you who have built a layout and posted pictures of it. I've realized if there was no sharing of each other's work, model railroading wouldn't be near as interesting. It's seeing all of the amazing things people create every day that's inspired me to take on such a project of my own.

My layout uses traditional L-girder benchwork. It's sectional, with sections ranging from 4 feet to 8 feet (I really shouldn't have made them that long). The backdrop is 1/8" masonite supported by a minimal 1x2 frame. Subroadbed will be a combination of spline roadbed on risers and 1/2" plywood in areas where a lot will be happening (like a town). The scale is HOn3 and the theme is Colorado narrow gauge. The layout occupies a footprint around 16 ft. by 11 ft.

I'm not retired and have a full time day job so my progress is much slower than those who have all day to work on their layout. :mex: Even still, looking back over the last several months I can tell I'm making progress.

All that said, I'd like to introduce the Rio✰Chama Central...

August 2011 (L-girders built)

October 2011 (Lights installed)

November 2011 (Backdrop built & painted)

December 2011 (Benchwork refined and subroadbed begun)

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