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 Posted: Sun Jan 8th, 2012 04:28 am
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I've been working on a turntable for the northern terminus town of Tincup (where incidentally there is an interchange with the San Juan Central). The turntable is a kitbash combination of Walthers N-scale 120' turntable and a Micro Engineering HO girder bridge kit. 120 feet in N-scale just happens to be around 65 feet in HO scale of which the largest D&RGW turntable happened to be 65 feet. Tada!

After a few evenings of work, the turntable bridge currently looks like this. I'm planning to add some stained wood decking on the very top.

I spent some time this morning actually installing it into the layout. It's not fully there but I can start to see it taking shape.

I plan to bring up the sides of the pit with some thin styrene, then paint the whole thing an aged cement color.

Here's the track laid out for Tincup. The right-most deviating track will be the interchange with the SJC.

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