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 Posted: Sun Jan 15th, 2012 07:40 pm
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Juergen , fellers..

The "Excelsior" name is whot I have come to , to be the name for anything in any is just the overarching name for my imagined railway empires..

Lumber , mining, timber, Pig feeding..high speed interurban transit..?..:sad:

It stems from an actual miners ditch of that name..which became a agricultural ditch in later times after hydraulic mining was outlawed..for "slickens" downstream silt from  the operations of water sluicing for gold.

The Kerry is indeed a nice prototype..the lokey is { as Bagnalls are !} nifty...I will make a steam outline engine someday..Bagnall esque or Porterish..?..

I  use totally imaginary things for my railway modeling..I talk as if it is taking the best and leaving the ugly / inefficient / un loved , un modeled..

There are problems in modeling one line at one time that you can only model whot was limiting is that..?..So the cubit gauge marches on..folly..and sure makes me happy ...

To the naysayers..dis agree ers for the sake of dis agree whot you .be a model..that is where the flange meets the rail...


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