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 Posted: Sun Mar 4th, 2012 04:35 am
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Si , fellers..

Thanks.., this is all fun and inspiration to each other..I stress the " fun"

..I seem to be able to understand alot without knowing it for sure..I put the ideas out with the hope that others will chime in with whot they know..or suppose..between us..we can know alot..

A buddy of mine says this is one method of teaching..supposition and response..?..

More fotos..

And yes..I have been doing SE ..Seven eighths..n 18" for some years..since about 1999...Rich Chiodo and Carlo Spirito suggested it as an alternative to 16 mil scale on 32 mil as two foot gauge ..I had the 32  nil gauge railway..and like extra narrow gauges...a natch...

More fotos..

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