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 Posted: Mon Mar 5th, 2012 02:55 am
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Woodie ,Herb , fellers..

Woodie .you are my there..

I did alot of article stuff in the seeming long dim past..I don't even remember...won some awards..I thought ..Like Mark Twain.{?}...If I can win these..etc etc.etc...

I am coming around to {it's a hobby fer crissake}..and it is..these fotos are a great source of inspiration for ..wul..some for me..and hopefully for others..

I  am plugging in the thumb screw for more at the left off point..I have  some other thumbs un is all mis mash..

I will dredge them as I go me  something to the caban ...I alomst got to go to Morenci is quite  a ways oof from Phoenix..we went to Ajo Az instead...a huge open pit copper mine...visited the musuem walked arou d the Tucson Cornelious  n Gila Bend railway depot..a neat  faux ish spanish stucco sort of town square...built around 1910 by Phelps dodge..?.comp'ny town ...way boon a makes Nevada look foresty sort of way...

DID NOT TAKE CAMERA...?...won't do that again..

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