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 Posted: Mon Apr 2nd, 2012 10:12 am
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I have done a little more work on the shunty plank, nothing major just a bit more work on the scenic side and details on the steam locomotives. I’ve also finalised the end backscene to blend in with the other. I’ve kept it very simple which to my mind seems to work best.

I have taken some pictures to illustrate the progress so far.

I am still not decided on the final position of the coal merchants staithes for instance so they are not glued down. They look almost abstract in the picture which makes the wooden sleepers look lighter than they really are. It is a simple structure made of balsa wood strips cut the same size as sleepers with card to represent metal reinforcement.

A couple of shots where a BR 57xx is seen shunting wagons in the yard, sorting a van from the farmers co-op.

Peter M

Peter M
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