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 Posted: Mon Jun 25th, 2012 06:44 pm
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Hi Herb,

I'm aware of the Stanton, and of the Hollywood Foundry products.  Nice stuff, however, I've just laid out a rather tidy sum for the cars themselves.  I happened to have some large can motors available (Sagami & NWSL 22 x 40's) which are at present mounted on A-Line motor cradles.  The cars are heavier than you might expect!  That PE Ten weighs about what a Genesis GP-7/9 does!  The Steeplecab has strips of lead soldered into the body, by Suydam, not me :)  It is good and heavy.  The lead strips are actually going to make it hard for me to light the litle bugger!  I will consider some of those underfloor power trucks, selectively, when the hobby purse recovers from the initial investment of the models.  I have done the same thing over on the Southern Pacific side of my modeling.  Buying non sound models, and adding sound later and so forth.  Those 22 x 40 cans are too large for what steamers I have left to re-motor, and my E's and F's are very adequtely powered, so the motors find a home, and things get moving (no pun intended :bg:)

Thanks for the input though!




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