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 Posted: Wed Jun 27th, 2012 08:19 pm
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Yeah, I remember the articles he wrote on the building of the San Juan Central. I even got to see the layout before it was shipped off to MR or whatever. He had it in an upstairs room of his house. It 'sorta' ran. They were really sweating that when I saw it. Still, it was purty to look at.

BTW, his own personal rr was located in an outhouse on his property. I swear it looked like that. It was a rather smallish shed out back and the rr was crammed in it. Memory is a little fuzzy maybe. He had some curves on that arty little layout that no loco in production could manage. was real purty too. 

The main issue with Furlow that some people in Dallas have is how he managed his business relations while becoming a well-heeled god courtesy of the rr press.

I understand that several years ago he even had a run-in with the secret service because he wanted to block access on his mountain to a certain well-known political figure. That maybe urban legend but...

Back to railroads...

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