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 Posted: Thu Jun 28th, 2012 09:20 am
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You nailed it right on the head. !!!  When I started this thread it was not intended to  bash "Furlow' at all. He is the very reason I'm into Narrow Gauge right now.!!! Long before I knew of Bob Brown and the Gazette there was Furlow. And because of him a lot of guys on this site today is modeling narrow gauge. Titus your right a lot of his work  was just for show.!! I have every video and magazine he's ever been in and still till this day he's my all time favorite modeler along with John Olson. When their work stop showing up in Model Railroader I stop buying it. All in all lets cut the guy some slack.!! Because in the big picture of things people will be talking about his work 50 years from now.

So Malcolm where ever you are in New Mexico put down the paint brush !!  And keep us wondering what will you come up with next.

For all of us who love and build Narrow Gauge models & Layouts.

Ronnie D



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