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 Posted: Thu Jun 28th, 2012 03:35 pm
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I agree with you about Frary & Hayden.

While a cab ride at South Carver sparked my interest in Maine 2 footers, and led to the purchase of many books about the little and not so little (SR&RL RR) lines, I have always been too deeply involved with other model railroading aspects to model the 2 foot scene--now, I wish that some years back-perhaps when I decided to build a layout in the trailer- perhaps even earlier-- I had chucked it all and went to On2. Too late in the day now though.

To me, there are two types of model railroading. One is to try to duplicate the real thing as closely as skills, and other restrictions permit. This doesn't mean "counting rivets". It does mean that the model, and the railroad should be plausible, in the real world. Paladin's emerging layout is a perfect example of this. John Allen's definitely wasn't to my eyes.

The other "extreme" is the Far Tottering and Oyster Creek type of fantasy modeling. To use a word verboten in the model world- cute. This to me is interesting, but can be carried to extremes--see the GnATTERBOX for some examples- I think that I saw a soup dish with wheels under it there some time back. Who ever built it was having fun, and that's why this is a great hobby-- but it didn't do much for me.

And there is a (dislike the term, because it sounds negative) gray area- Toeffelholm's modeling, which he shares here on FreeRails with us (Time for a update on the "history" mein Freund!) A little whimsical, but very plausible.

But more to the subject of MF's modeling. I think that the thing that totally turned me off on what he did was a picture of one of his layouts (don't know which one--and don't care) of a turntable right smack against a vertical 60 foot high--brick, as I recall--wall partway around the periphery. For what was supposed to be an example of prototype modeling--it fell flat on it's face. So what is the difference between this, and the soup dish? One was done for pleasure on the part of the builder (way to go!), the other to see his name in print (way to go??)

Well enough of my opinions  What are yours?


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