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 Posted: Sun Jul 1st, 2012 05:15 pm
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More pics guys.  They all need some decal work to get rid of that pesky film.  Not to worry, I have a technique :).  Windows, pole work, light lenses, and such, but as of now all are ready to be run tested, so off to the club where the other members will all go banannas as there is no overhead (because there is no traction!).  After they pass the run test, they will be wired for overhead operation and the final cosmetics and lighting done. 

The other Ten:

The Portland Combine:

The Boxmotor (my favorite)  I always have had  a thing for baggage RPO & Express equipment!) :cool:

One left to get the treatment, my Long Beach Twelve, and one remotor, my Blimp, then back to the SN stuff for a Labelle SN coach build, and a recondition of a brass obs, the Bidwell.  Hope you like.  PS: for those who kindly advised me about drives, I did check the weight on these models.  They average about 11 ounces.  We'll see how they run at the club!



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