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 Posted: Thu Jul 12th, 2012 09:17 pm
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Changes are being made to the layout. First change is a new name: The Gopher Mining Company. Second change is a complete change to the layout itself. I began the process of removing the million tons of dirt I had initially placed for a loop to loop design, half of which was elevated. The new layout will be a simple point-to-point layout. The Gopher's terminus will be located above the patio that I had promised my wife I'd install. In my mind's eye the patio will be "water" and make the terminus town of Keylock a port. To achieve this I began laying down a course of cinder blocks along the outer two edges of the patio. Once installed backfill will be hauled in providing a level area for the waterside town. From there the line will head off to some yet undetermined Point B.


A primary goal of this layout will to have it blend into the landscape as much as possible. Since moving into the house last October I've been gradually turning yard into flower/garden beds as I hate mowing grass. Most of these beds are/will be located along the perimeter of the yard which will be the perfect place to run the track. I envision the rails meandering through these beds, popping out for short distances before disappearing into and under vegetation. The reason I've opted for the change is that the loop-to-loop design left me wondering where to start. Because of my job which keeps me away from home too much, I was becoming frustrated with the fact that I wasn't getting any track down. This change should allow me to start with a single track of only a few feet. As time permits, I'll add more track the same way the real railroads did. A spur here, a spur there and in time a layout with a sense of purpose as lineside customers are added and ready to be served by the port town of Keylock. :)

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