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 Posted: Sun Jul 29th, 2012 08:23 pm
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It's starting to become a regular occurrence now on my D&RGW in Guymas ( that throwing turnouts causes the PCB throw bar to snap free from the rails. I had gone with Cream City HOn3 Turnouts at the recommendation of a number of people. The CC turnouts are built with Fast Tracks jigs which everyone raves about. Ok, well, I'm not raving about this. The turnouts are being thrown from the fascia by Bullfrog Turnout Controls also offered by Fast Tracks.

I suspect a large part of the problem is that the Bullfrog's throw wire is too strong for HOn3. I was thinking of ripping out the Bullfrogs and replacing them with "Moles*" which have a thinner wire and also a mechanism to adjust the range of throw (so that it doesn't over-throw for HOn3), but I'm worried I'll go through all that work and still have the same problem.

Anyone else run into this?

A second issue I'm noticing is that push/pull turnout controls from a fascia cause a lot more rocking to happen on a shelf layout. I'm wondering if I need to use toggle switches to avoid so much physical force on a shelf layout.

* = Moles are similar products offered by the Proto:87 store

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