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 Posted: Sun Jul 29th, 2012 09:00 pm
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Hi Titus

I run Micro Engineering code 55 turnouts that have been extensively modified on my Santa fe layout for the pass 15 years.

I use PCB ties for the throw bar and use Tortoise motors to throw them. On some occasions the solder joint lets go. I have discovered that I did not put enough solder on the rail to PCB joint. I now put more solder on during the repair process and then with a small round file, file the solder leaving a nice fillet at the same time ensuring that the wheels pass over easily.

This is solving my problems and I have over 100 turnouts so it might be worth looking at for your issue. I also use a stronger wire than supplied with the Tortoise motors as it was not strong enough to throw the turnouts as I had several layers of timber and cork for it to pass through to reach the turnout.

A friend is using Atlas code 55 turnouts with the Bluepoint controls and they work very well on his N Scale layout.

Trust this helps in some way.



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