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 Posted: Wed Aug 8th, 2012 04:10 pm
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Worked outside yesterday in spite of the 106°F temperature. Finished installing the last of the cinder blocks that are a part of the patio as well as dumping several wheelbarrow loads of backfill behind the blocks.

Have sorta settled on the route. L:

As it leaves Keylock (where I'm likely going to install an Inglenook for operations) the route curves to the left around the house to the west edge of the yard where it then will curve to the right along the fence towards the back edge of the yard. From there it'll take another right curve and follow the back edge to the northeast corner of the yard where the Gopher Mine will be located. In all actually the Gopher Mine will be about seventy-five feet as the crow flies from Keylock... but about three hundred feet with this plan.


The main thing is to keep as much of the line in the shade as possible. Unfortunately two years of drought is beginning to take a toll on the existing trees and I may lose a few more this year. :f:

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