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 Posted: Wed Aug 8th, 2012 06:00 pm
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dodgezilla04 wrote: i like the track, how much does a 6' chunk cost in comparison to buying rtr aluminum?

I bought the rail from Switchcrafters. 16 pcs (96 feet total) goes for about $48 (not counting shipping)... so the cost runs about $1 per foot for the rail itself. My ties are cut from 5/8" x 6ft treated fence boards that cost about $1.20, with each board giving me about 110 ties.

I'd guess that overall each foot of track costs me about $1.10.

Many have this misconception that large scale is expensive. Because I'm not attempting to run huge diesels or Big Boys... I find it comparable to smaller scales. I just bought a new Bachmann Davenport for $99 + shipping. Heck... even an Accucraft live steam engine can be had new for less than $500 which is cheaper than most everything Bachmann offers in plastic.

The only drawback for large scale is if you live in the snow belt. Then you'll be limited on the time you can actually run trains. Fortunately I live in a climate where that is rarely an issue. :) 

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