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 Posted: Sat Aug 11th, 2012 08:46 pm
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Hiya Everyone,

I'm going to start on my shack on a raft this weekend and this is what I will be basing it on.

I have already started taking pictures of the parts that I am using however for some reason I am having a hard time uploading them to the pc.... :(

As I mentioned earlier in the thread, the body came from Miniatures by Eric, he's up in Canada. I'm waiting for news from him because he does not have them listed on his website. :( :(

And the cab will come from Grandt Line Products. I ordered a second set of non radiator ends from them after getting their kit GLP-5127, the 23 ton boxcab diesel.

The driveline will come from NWSL and will most likely be the stanton drive. It will have to be the Stanton because of the flatcar body and no where to hide a can. and I don't want to hobble together a complete driveline with shafts coming out from under the cab.

For the truck frames I will be using Precision Scale's #31991. Their axle centers are just over 7 feet. Unless NWSL does not have the drive that will fit them. And that is the only big thing I need for this build.

Rob Wright

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