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 Posted: Sat Aug 11th, 2012 09:55 pm
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  HIYA Everyone,

    I have finally worked through the picture posting here and my pc.

The first picture is my freight motor floor from the bottom. I traded email with Eric from Miniatures from Eric last night and he has discontinued ALL TRACTION, so if you want something of his ya better get it fast!!

  I will need to pull out the razor saw because this thing scales out at 41 feet long! I think I will cut out the sections from my middle finger to my ring finger which is 10 scale feet. I am unsure as to if I will use the truck mounting pads or not, the top of my truck frames stick out just a little on the end of where the end portion cuts in, I will likely use some sort of small snowplow on a pilot, and because the cab only has side entry I would need a place for a step so the crew can get up on each porch, where the sand tubs are going to be.

  This picture shows the side door "barely" to the left of the window. This shot was taken during the sprue removal and sanding which occured during commercial breaks from a movie I was watching last night.

 IT also shows the non radiator end of the cab.


                                                             Rob Wright


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