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 Posted: Thu Aug 23rd, 2012 12:50 am
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Thanks Herb-since it seems that the book "reviews" I started have gone off into the netherworld of the internet, I will begin again...HERE. Watch this space for the same old books plus new ones and I trust there will be more posts by others with their favorites. Since you began this thread so long ago with a piece about Garratt locos, I will thusly (old speak) continue and begin again with GARRATT LOCOMOTIVES OF THE WORLD by A.E.Durrant. What do you want to know about these fascinating will find it all in this nice book. This has the history, mechanical overview, and photos of just about every Garratt-country by country. And yes, there is a 2 foot Garratt in the US, down by Houston on a gent's "backyard" layout! My favorites are some tiny little dudes used in the Congo and of course, K1 & K2...the very first of their type. Also, the DHR Garratts in Tibet are just lovely.
So, we begin again. This time around, I will try to post photos of the books just so you will know what to look for and a link to the book from my favorite-Abe Books-so if you want one, just click a couple of times and buy a copy. Please note that I have no financial ties with Abe Books except for the money I pay them for books that I can't live without.


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