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 Posted: Sat Aug 25th, 2012 12:55 am
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KINSEY-The locomotive portraits. Here's a great older coffee table book which is full of photos, very little verbage except as captions for the photos. Darius Kinsey and wife Tabatha spent years touring the big log shows in the Pacific Northwest and took some of the greatest photos of the railroads and (as here) the equipment. Each photo is very large format and sharp as a tack! You love Shays? How about rod locos? Critters like MAC crew cars? It's all in here. This older book isn't very expensive, probably because it isn't written by Ferrell or one of the hot authors these days, but the photos are above reproach. If you want to see logging locos in all their black & white, sharp focus best...this is a real keeper. There are more books available about Kinsey's work, this is but one. Check it out.

My favorite photo is of a Sound Lumber Co. speeder with close to 20 loggers on board and standing around. I'll bet that was a hellova ride!

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