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 Posted: Sat Sep 1st, 2012 05:35 pm
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Manged to get home Thursday evening. Spent yesterday mowing the yard and getting it back into shape after being gone for ten days during which time we had some much needed rain. Strange how grass that was dormant and dead looking suddenly comes back to life and grows like crazy.

Anywayz, prior to my heading out ten days ago I had cut several pieces of code 250 aluminum rail for the stub turnout I'm building. The railbender Herb built for me works magnificently. :2t:

With a few minutes to spare this morning before my wife drags me out to town to do some shopping I managed to bend the rails leading to the frog. I've drawn a rough template that I place the rail on top of to check for comparison.

This being my first scratchbuilt switch makes it a learning process and I'm expecting to make a few mistakes but so far so good with nothing going drastically wrong.

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