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 Posted: Sat Sep 8th, 2012 02:18 am
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Howdy! Here are a few pics of my 1/24th scale In-ko-pah Railroad. It's built into the hill behind our house using many tons of rock and mortar, and features a desert theme with realistic scenery and structures...

First up is a miner's cabin. It's a scale replica of an old miner's cabin I saw in Ione, NV. Except for the corrugated metal roofing, the metal awnings over the windows, and a couple other minor bits, the cabin is made entirely of styrene. I carefully textured and painted it to resemble ancient, heavily weathered wood:

Here's a video of the layout. I shot this a year ago so it doesn't have some of the more recent structures:

Here's a photo of the Cliffside Mine, located high on Grandt Cliff. The ore car is a Grandt Line On30 Koppel side dump car. Everything else is scratch-built:

This next shot shows a train passing through the town of Dos Manos. All the structures are scratch-built and have interior details and lights. Eventually there will be several more buildings in this town:

All of the plants on the layout are handmade, scale miniatures. I also sculpted most of the figures, including some wildlife. You can see several of the plants in this photo, along with a miniature roadrunner:

This loco started out as a 1/29th scale RS3 from Aristo-Craft. I rebuilt it into a 1/24th scale, fictional narrow gauge "variant" of the RS3.

You can see more pics of my layout on my website:

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