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 Posted: Sun Sep 23rd, 2012 03:58 pm
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I mentioned the following books in the earlier thread which got vaporized into internet hell but once again, here are some of my favorites. Why some? The great author David F. Myrick published a multitude (whatta word) of books on the US Southwest: Railroads of Nevada, vol 1 & 2. Railroads of Arizona, vol 1 through 6. Railroads of New Mexico. And many others with both railroad and non railroad themes. If your interests run to history and railroads of this area, then you might want to buy, borrow, or see if the local library has them. Photos? There are many in all his books. Words? The man was a historian and writes in a very "readable" style.  Now, these ain't gonna be cheap, they are well worth the money it takes to own them and you will be able to talk about, think about, and MODEL these wonderful railroads without risking being shot at by the armchair pit-nickers! DAVID F. MYRICK-remember that name if you want solid info about wonderful railroads.

Check them out, I give them a 10 and a beat that you can dance to!


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