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 Posted: Mon Oct 1st, 2012 10:22 am
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Hi. My name is David Theunissen. I make miniature 2.4GHz receivers. Dan has drawn your attention to them and I thought I should introduce myself.

I live in the UK. I have worked in IT and my main hobby has been RC planes. I converted from internal combustion to electric powered models many years ago and have made many of my own brushless motors. I used nicads and lithium cells from laptops before lipos become common for hobby use.

When 2.4GHz hobby radios first appeared I was a fairly early adopter and found them so much nicer than the FM systems we were using. One thing led to another and I made a couple of miniature 2.4GHz receivers for my own use.

Surface vehicles and trains in particular are new for me. So I will be happy to explain how I approach radio control if anyone wants to know. I also welcome inquiries and suggestions.
Regards, David.

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