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 Posted: Mon Oct 1st, 2012 01:25 pm
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Hi Mike,
'Rx41d-v5' has an on-board forward/reverse brushed ESC suitable for most trains. The standard configuration is to use 'full stick' travel for motor control. The motor is off when the Tx stick is pulled fully back. Mid-stick is half throttle and you get full speed with the stick fully forward. The stick with a ratchet is normally used (Ch1) so the throttle stays where you leave it. A separate channel on the Tx is used to toggle direction (forward/reverse).

'Rx43d-1-v5' and 'Rx43d-2-v5' also have on-board forward/reverse brushed ESCs. Their default setup uses one stick for forward and reverse. The throttle is off at mid-stick. It is usually used with a spring-loaded stick (Ch2).

The ESCs on my 'servo' receivers are 1-way. You would need an external ESC for 2-way control.

For trains the most obvious constraint is that my integrated 2-way ESCs can only be used with 3-6v. So 1S lipo and 4 Nicads/NiMHs are the most obvious power sources. An external ESC can be used with a higher voltage rating.
Regards, David.

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