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 Posted: Mon Oct 1st, 2012 03:26 pm
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Hi Mike
I would like to cater for higher voltages such as you mention but I need more feedback from folk. I think DCC has taken trains down an integrated ESC route. This makes them easier to install but may take up more space and probaby limits choice.

I think 'traditional RC' (planes, cars, boats) will take people down the path of separate ESCs and Rx's. I expect this to be true especially in the larger scales. This is because an 'Orange 6ch' type receiver is the cheapest on the planet and having a separate ESC allows people to chose whatever voltage/current/efficiency/PWM/BEMF etc stuff they want.

I have loads of small receivers, China has loads of cheap ones and Spektrum/Futaba/Hitec etc have loads of high quality gear. I think brushed ESCs have become quite rare. So is that the gap to fill or does it have to be receivers with integrated ESCs?
Regards, David.

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