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 Posted: Thu Oct 4th, 2012 03:14 am
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Hi Ray

It was a neat idea using the tiny Olympus cameras.
Superb quality lenses on those.
Can get 'em for pennys on eBay these days.

Having spent 1000's of hours in dark-rooms over the years...
...I have to say I do appreciate the 'no processing' aspect of digital.
Can't realy beat proper film though.

SOME ( not all ! ) cell-phone cams are quite good.
& cheap as chips !

You'd need a pretty big rocket to get an old Bell & Howell super-8 into orbit I guess.
Technology is amazing though.
Can do HD video now on a camera the size of a match-box; for a few bucks.

Could have up & down facing HD-video mini-cams.
Get the ground disapearing & the chutes opening !
Bit of split-screen editing; a la 70s' styleee...

Sorry Ray; love a tech-challenge.
Great work again.

If I'm ever in San Diego I'll bring my 1/2" WSLCo cars for a spin on your track.
You got a great twisty main-line; just like they had.




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