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 Posted: Mon Oct 8th, 2012 02:59 pm
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I believe HH own Losi and Atherne. Losi have a Spektrum version. So it would not surprise me if radio control trains were just around the bend. Spektrum have not struggled with being innovative up to now.

For people that don't know, the more advanced Spektrum transitters have model memories. Each of these have a unique ID and have to be bound to separately. It's called ModelMatch. All Spektrum and compatible receivers can only be bound to one model memory at a time. However, it's not difficult to make my receivers bind with two memories. I have this on a prototype.

If implemented for trains, each train could be bound to two Tx memories. One could be unique and used only for that train. It would be used for driving the train on its own and perhaps bringing it up to a consist arrangement. The other could be used for controlling the consist. In that case all the trains bound to the consist memory would work together when that memory is selected on the Tx. Only one transmitter memory can be active at one time so the trains will either obey their individual commands or act as a consist.

It does not make the receivers much more complex because each time you bind it just replaces the 'oldest' one. It then accepts signals from both so whenever you select either model memory it just works as normal. But I'd need to know if it has a use.

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