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 Posted: Mon Oct 8th, 2012 08:14 pm
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LITTLE RAILWAYS OF THE WORLD by Fredric Shaw. A wonderful little book, I could only find one available from Abe Books:

Page down and you can find it. If you are modeling Gn15, this is for you because it has a chapter on the Romney, Hythe, & Dymchurch, a great British 15" gauge line which weathered WW2 and was used for troop movements and is still operating. Also the Overfair Ry, built for the San Francisco Exposition in 1918 and was a 18" gauge "common carrier". More? How about the Wisconsin Dells, Centerville & SW, Wabash, Frisco & Pacific. All these are "minimum gauge" lines. Then there's the old Festiniog RR, the Talyllyn RR, and the Gilpin a bit about my favorite, SCPA&M. And lots, lots more. Many photos and even some great plans drawn by Mr. Shaw, a great architect and draftsman. I have loved this little book since I was a kid, it and Beebe & Clegg made me want to model narrow gauge. Find a copy or rent one if the library has one, you will just drool all over it!


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