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 Posted: Wed Oct 10th, 2012 05:46 pm
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Clif-interesting that you mention Robert Sloan, he and Carl Skowronski authored THE RAINBOW ROUTE, a wonderful book about the Silverton RR and the other railroads around Silverton, the SN, SG&N, and the mines and mills they served. This book has been around many years and prices range from fairly reasonable to ???

If you are a lover of narrow gauge, Silverton, high mountain passes, and incredible scenery, this is for you. This book was published by Sundance and is typical in being first rate, pirined on high quality paper, and even has a clear plastic dust cover which is still intact after over 30 years. My copy was left to me by my late buddy Steve Beck and has an inscrfiption to him by Dr. Sloan. Nope, it ain't for sale! What is in this book that's so cool? Hundreds of historic photos, then and now photos, even plans for locos, cars, and structures. Find a copy of this one if you love the most famous narrow gauge of them all! (my opinion)...

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