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 Posted: Fri Oct 26th, 2012 01:17 pm
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Howdy Cleo, welcome to Freerails. Since you know Kinsey's work, I imagine that you appreciate quality also. Please feel free to tell us about your favorite books, more info is better info.

Writing about quality, for the life of me I can't imagine why books by the following authors are not appreciated as they should be. Lucius Beebee & Charles Clegg wrote many great books about railroads and were some of the earliest works to promote railroads in prose and photos. MIXED TRAIN DAILY is one of these great books. If there is one book that would be a "go to" book for us narrow gaugers and short liners, this one is it. Stories about obscure and wonderful little lines are presented and photos illustrate a great time in American railroading. Chances are that your favorites are mentioned and even seen here. I have never seen any photos of the Waco, Beaumont, Trinity, & Sabine RR from Central Texas (my home), but there are a couple in this book. Beebe & Clegg's books are fairly cheap on the book sellers' sites and I wonder why. Just enter their names on the search field and see what turns up. You won't be disappointed by any of their books, they are all timeless.


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