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 Posted: Mon Nov 5th, 2012 12:17 am
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Thanks guys!  Here's another bit of catch-up that brings us pretty close to the current state of things ... some Verlinden cans and boxes, Reality-in-Scale cans and various labels to make up some little groceries  to tuck into the corners of the shop here and there ... and super-jumbo Costco size bottle of liquid cement! :)

Got a neat set of 1/35 kitchen details from Eduard that includes some pre-finished photo-etched dishes ... so I thought it would be neat to make a little rack like this ...

A few big pieces of styrene and a LOT of little pieces -- ugh! :P

So we're pretty much at this point now.  Next up:
-- Paint the dish shelf and load 'er up ...
-- Make an asbestos mat to go under the stove ...
-- And some pressed tin panels to go behind the stove ...
-- Finish up the range hood and billyuns and billyuns of other little things ... that's all! :bg:

Latest progress:  I finally re-hung some 1:1 scale shelving in the utility closet after having the water heater replaced (er, some time ago) ... so it may be possible to sort out some of the piles of kits, parts and other crap that are all over the place ... and that might actually help with finding a few handy modeling bits.  We shall see! ???

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