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 Posted: Sun Nov 11th, 2012 02:08 am
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The Germans used gasoline engine locos as well as the Allies, because the smoke from a steam engine was a sure giveaway to artillery on the other side. This meant that the steam engines were used a distance from the front. My favorite was a German one cylinder kerosene burner, built by Deutz. This things cylinder was horizontal, and had two 35 1/2" flywheels that were visible turning when the engine was running. The fact that I have a 5 cylinder Deutz air cooled diesel that I am putting into a old Jeep station wagon had absolutely no bearing on this interest (Yeah- right!).

I blew up a drawing, the side view of this rascal (the loco) to 1/35. Ye Gods! it is tiny even in that large a scale--as is the 50 and 75 HP Baldwin lokies that our side used.


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