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 Posted: Tue Dec 25th, 2012 02:26 am
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Yep.... the way I figure it, you should have AT LEAST 10 cans per person in the household PER PERSON bare minimum PLUS BEANS, same ratio for at least 2 weeks!!
Now I live in KY, so there is not a real need to stock pile pallets of water.... A good water filter will do if you get to the point of drinking the Ohio river..
And that leads to the next bats work better on zombie conductors than bullets but you can't beat a 12 ga pump with copious amounts of number 1 buckshot.. stay away from big knifes because their blood splaters can be infectious...
Anything else you might want to find will be in U.S. ARMY Field Manual 99.9 . Zombie defensive posture and proceedires....
If you go by the above information you might make it till the feds roll in and "officially " tell you your screwed... Have a nice day...


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