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 Posted: Mon Jan 7th, 2013 03:45 am
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My parents for my last Christmas before I go to college bought me a couple of pieces of G scale equipment. First was a track cleaning car by Aristo Craft. For those of you who own these track cleaning cars, how well these work and when do I need to change the pads? The manual told me how, but not when they needed changing.

My second piece of equipment is a new Bachmann 0-4-0 saddle tank locomotive that matches my old, first generation 0-4-0. An added plus is I can add this emoticons: :glad: :) :2t:

I have a small garden railroad, but this spring/ early summer I need to tear down because the fall semester is coming right after a summer of 40 hour a week work.

In college I will obviously have little time to worry about trains (although a couple of nearby train shows are still in my sights) But I need a little advice about my latest project:

I feel like it's a good idea to let the trains run every once in a while just to keep the lubrication spread evenly, and to test the equipment for storage related problems.

So should I build a new layout indoors? If so, would a fold up switching layout, or a small circuit be best? I know most garden railroaders like to run trains around the layout, rather than spend hours in the sun switching out cars (at least I do), but I do like switching in an air conditioned environment. Therefore, I would be okay with a switching layout.

One more thing, I do not know how big, or where to put this layout. Of course, I need to find where before I can build, but a few suggestions here would be helpful. I do have 4" diameter curves and a few switches of the same type. I also run almost exclusively small rolling stock, so sharp curves won't bother me.

Thank you in advance.

-James W.:java:

James W.

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